Baby Godzilla

baby godzilla - cover

Title: Baby Godzilla
Artist: Various
Catalog number: DCR110
Released: Feb 2006
Media: CD


01. Mochipet, Mikah 9, Taiwankid “Hope Again”
02. Mophono “Live Human Break 7(DJ Centipede Amendment)”
03. Daedelus “Crazy Dancing”
04. Spaceheater “Freakfest”
05. Mochipet, Ray Barbee “Beats Ballet”
06. Mochipet, Machine Drum “Moogporn”
07. Mophono “Lily”
08. Edit “The Perscription”
09. Eustachian “Cockatoo Flouresence”
10. Eustachian “Dotted Chess”
11. Spaceheater “Ghostplant” (Eustachian’s Trustafarian Mixx)
12. Spaceheater “Ghostplant”
13. Mochipet “The Shanghai Shuffle”
14. Delux “Attention!”
15. Edit “Ruffles”
16. Bloodysnowman “Magic Rollerskates”
17. Mitsakos “Compasso”
18. Mochipet, Ray Barbee “Forwards Back”
19. Bloodysnowman “Spring”
20. Delux “Bixcuit”

Main Information:

Daly City (that’s the mighty Mochipet and crew) goes all glitched out, crunk, and smiley. Twenty cuts of laid back yacht hop tweaked through the prism of Schematic or Skam, but with distinctive west coast vibe that recalls Deep Concentration-era. Beat phreakery from the Bay Area and beyond featuring Daedelus, Mophono, Mikah 9, Mochipet, Ray Barbee’s, Edit, Spaceheater, Mitsakos, Eustachian, Bloodysnowman and Delux.