Title: Die O Rama
Artist: Citizen Ten
Catalog number: CBCDJ001
Released: April 2013
Media: CD Mixtape

Die-O-Rama is an hour-long psychedelic mix of many styles, warping genres that tell a twisted version of the instrumental beatmusic story, as perceived by Citizen Ten. The Delfonics’ “Ready or Not” morphs into a horror film soundtrack, into a Skrapez death-beat, into bass-heavy, feel-good electronic tracks. Back and forth, into a dizzying scape of trippy sound and undeniable head-nodders, Die-O-Rama, at one point, even pauses to vibe-out a dub by Omar Rodriguez’ De Facto. For advanced listeners, Die-O-Rama makes for a challenging game of “trainspotting”. For those new to the music, it’s very very good.

“This mix is an all-encompassing journey though the dirty beat library of the true record collectors mind” – The Gaslamp Killer

Here is an interview with Citizen Ten about the Die – O – Rama mix…