Title: Cut Form Crush
Artist: Mophono
Catalog number: CBR002
Released: Feb. 2011
Media: Vinyl 12″/CD/Digital

Old Style Jacket, Hand numbered, limited edition, of 1000.

San Francisco based DJ, artist and producer Mophono aka DJ Centipede is proud to bring you his electrifying new full length album, “Cut Form Crush” on CB Records.
After a string of successful releases including The Edge (Fat City and Turntable Labs top seller lists), Mophono’s Halftone Society 12″ on Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Records and co-producing The Gaslamp Killer’s smash song “Carpool Dummy”, Mophono’s production on “Cut Form Crush” raises the bar for the growing “west coast beat scene”, with 14 extremely potent compositions that explode into fresh new patterns that beautifully weave between music concrete/60’s experimental and purist B-Boy blues and rock rhythms, seasoned with demolition drum breaks, distorted drum machines, a string section and sprinklings of vocoder.
Starting off with “Be Human’s” smashing drum intro, this powerful sound with hard Jazz rhythms and an infectious 60’s Afro inspired horn line that enriches this new form of music Mophono is calling “Thug Jazz”. “Blade” is a psychotic, arpeggio moog freak out, layered with unrelentingly aggressive drum rhythms that computer music has never heard. Next, a collaborative piece created from a live studio session at Circuit Breaker Studios SF, with genre legend Flying Lotus, “Cut Form Crunch” was made with a hard edge drum machine crunch and odd rhythms to create a much grimier sound than either producer is known for. “Cut Form Three” is definitely a more unique sound at 75 b.p.m. with live drum fills, bubble up moogs and an old school electro drum machine. “Now” and “Cut Form Eight” were created using the new Skip on Beat technology, developed by Mophono, you can lift the needle and drop it anywhere in the song and it stays on beat. Finally, “Cut Form Five Out” is a brief low fidelity taste of the new sound Mophono is developing called “Dirt Wave”.
Inspired by 60’s psyche and experimental electronic music, Mophono Is known for his destructive drum breaks and heavy and orchestral instrumental compositions. With his legendary weekly “Change the Beat” party in San Francisco, Mophono is so deep in the beat culture melting pot he is stirring it. Performing live at the Brainfeeder festival (Flying Lotus brain child) and sharing the stage with Amon Tobin, Edan, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Dabrye, Diplo, Gonjasufi and De La Soul with his Skip on Beat records, drum machines and moogs, Mophono intends to set a new standard in live electronic music performance.