Title: I Cry Ep
Artist: Mophono
Catalog number: CBR001/CBCD001
Released: May 2005
Media: Vinyl 12″ /CD

Main Information:

Since it first broke in 2002, “I Cry” has become a genuine word-of-mouth phenomenon in underground music. Now, the wait is over: Mophono’s debut release I Cry is finally available on CB Records.

Mophono was inundated with more than 1000 requests for the song from as far away as Australia and Japan after Transworld Video featured the original mix in the skateboarding film, In Bloom.

“How do I get my hands on that song?” wrote one Belgian record collector who tracked Mophono down via the Internet.

Surprised by the sudden demand, Mophono decided to release the song, plus 8 variations on the original, as an EP on his own label, CB Records.

Fusing elements from hip-hop and rock, I Cry is richly orchestral and sweeping in its emotional scope. For the producer, the album represents a musical exploration of loneliness – each track delves into a different face of solitude, from baroque despair (the gritty “All Alone” featuring MC Subverse) to the exhilaration of flying solo (the buoyant, strings-driven “Tears”).

“I wanted to push the boundary on what a hip-hop album can be,” explained Mophono. “The idea of a ‘concept album’ isn’t new in rock, but it’s rare in hip-hop. So I decided to make an album that is diverse musically, but conceptually unified. You don’t need to relate to the theme to enjoy the music, but it can only enrich the listening experience.”

Hey DJ’s & Collectors, when you buy the I Cry E.P. on vinyl, we suggest
buying two. Features extended mixes & three of the tracks break down to
just drums. Hand numbered, limited edition, of 1000.