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Solid Steel in association with Serato (4th September) In Hour 1 our guest is Mophono who released his new EP ‘M.O.3.’ on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label last month. The fellow Bay Area producer digs deep with a mix featuring music from Death Grips, Flako, Broadcast, Doris Norton, Kaytranada, Coldcut and his track ‘Murder Man alongside Gaslamp Killer. He told us;
‘When I set out to do the Solid Steel mix, I envisioned 3 main chapter structures nice and tidy that I could weave material from the past and present.
• drum machines old and new with an industrial and post punk stain of disapproval
• vintage library moog robot world of radio transmission experimentation and learning
• international psych madness performed by new and old prog rhythm sections
After getting started on the mix, immediately I realized how tough the struggle would be.  Soon I would be aggressively wrestling these beasts into submission – before what I had seen as unique treasures to cherish and behold, instantly changed into nonconforming monster hybrids, making it impossible to compartmentalize them in any way.
Looking past the filth and run off, I saw beauty in their unruliness and chopped and scratched them to bits and pieces. Thanks for listening’

You can get the M.O.3. EP by Mophono here
and here more from Liquid Amber here @liquidambermusic

Hour 1 – Mophono

Paul Horn _ Alap _ United Artists
Mike Epps _ unknown _ unknown
Emerald Web _ Flight of the Raven _ B-Music
Unicorns _ Tuff Ghost _ Alien8 Recordings
Mophono X Gaslamp Killer _ Murder Man _ CB Records
Halftone Society Rhythm Section _ Caribbean Queen (Just Drums) _ Grown Kids Radio!
Death Grips _ Runway Y _ Third Worlds
Halftone Society Rhythm Section _ Caribbean Queen featuring Young Aundee (Cut Form Creator Mophono dub) _ Grown Kids Radio!
Jonny _ Fuck Em Up _ Saturate Records
Kavinsky _ Testarossa Autodrive (Mr Oizo T42 Remix) _ Record Makers
Mr. Carmack _ Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack Remix) _ unknown
Flako _ The Sorcerer _ Project: Mooncircle
Digi G’ Alessio _ Antani Anthem _ Bedroom Research
Flako _ The Sorcerer _ Project: Mooncircle
Sam Gellaitry _ Nah _ unknown
Triola _ Turpituda _ NA-GRM
Broadcast _ Man For Atlantis (Mophono Edit) _ Warp Records
Dariush Dolat-Shahi _ Samā _ Folkways Records
Craig Leon _ Four Eyes To See The Afterlife _ Takoma
Primitive Music of Africa _ Circumcision Rituals _ Mainstream Records
Mophono _ VL Mono _ Liquid Amber
Conrad Schnitzler _ Das Tier _ Sky Records
Doris Norton _ A.D.A. Converter _ Durium
Gary Numan _ Films _ Beggars Banquet
Esgar _ Gimme _ IZWID Records
Kaytranada _ Free Things In Life _ Bromance Records
Mr Oizo _ 3-Waltz-E-More _ Ed Banger Records
August Rosenbaum, Jameszoo & Stephen Bruner _ Jordi _ Red Bull Music Academy
Twink _ Fluid _ Polydor
Esplendor Geometrico _ Necrosis En La Poya _ Tic Tac
Paul Wall _ Chunk Up The Deuce (Instrumental) _ TF Records
Natural Yogurt Band _ Clocks (Mophono Edit) _ Now-Again Records
Paul Wall _ Chunk Up The Deuce _ TF Records
Bleep Bloop and Zeke Beats _ Mars Attacks _ Nest HQ
Ec8or _ One Track-Minded Fuckheads _ Digital Hardcore Recordings
Techno Animal _ Deadmans Curse _ Matador
Coldcut _ Boot The System _ Ninja Tune
Funky Porcini _ King Ashabanapal (Part 0.75) _ Ninja Tune
Millie & Andrea _ Corrosive _ Modern Love
Eprom _ 808 Ride _ unknown
Empty Set _ Order _ raster-noton.
Phoenecia _ Untitled _ Schematic
The Residents _ The New Machine (Failure/Reconstruction) _ Ralph Records
Disrupt _ Predator _ Jahtari
Natural Yogurt Band _ Biscuits _ Now-Again Records
Mophono _ Flotsam _ Liquid Amber
Mophono’s Halftone Society _ The Strongest Branch _ CB Records
Infesticons _ Chase Theme _ Big Dada
Mophono _ High Voltage _ CB Records
Sun Ra _ Myth Versus Reality _ MPS Records
Fumaca Preta _ Espelhos Fundidos _ Soundway
Bruce Haack _ Thank You _ Q.D.K. Media

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