Title: The Edge
Artist: Mophono
Catalog number: CB7R002/CB7CD02
Released: Oct 2008
Media: Vinyl 7″/CD

Main Information:

In the era of the producer, Mophono delivers a record of unrivaled force. While demonstrating full respect for the art form and craft, Mophono raises the bar with The Edge, recorded in an entirely new format called Skip on Beat. Sampled by numerous artists The Edge remix, by Mophono, is the first version worthy of being called a remix. The Edge 7” release is epic! From the stomping drums, to the minimal orchestral composition, both side A and side B are dance floor killers, chalk full of complex break’s for any rhythm enthusiast and dj’s alike.

Its more than a record, it’s a machine. Skip on Beat means; no matter where you drop the needle, the record stays on beat. Sticking with the theme of CB Records limited edition vinyl, these collectable 7” are hot and moving fast!

Performing live with the Brainfeeder festival (Flying Lotus brain child) and after opening for Amon Tobin, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Dabrye, and De La Soul with his Skip on Beat records, drum machines and moogs, Mophono intends to set a new standard in live electronic music performance.

Get next to Mophono and feel the powerful pulse of the inner city.

“Mophono’s ear never fails him or his listeners, flipping two classic tracks with heavy drums so they tweak the dancefloor just right. Future-facing beats with one foot anchored firmly in history, this is beat-tastical wizardry from 08 to infinity!!!”
-Kid Kameleon [XLR8R Magazine]

“Inovative as F#@k!!!”
-The Gaslamp Killer