Mophono THE M.O.3 EP on Liquid Amber

Mophono – The M.O.3 EP

Title: THE M.O.3 EP
Artist: Mophono
Catalog number: LA005
Released: July 2015
Media: Vinyl 10″/Digital

MOPHONO’s M.O.3. EP marks the fifth release from Liquid Amber in the label’s first year. Much like the previous releases on Liquid Amber, the EP comes from a forward-thinking producer who makes beat-driven, genre defying music that is at the cutting edge of the modern electronic scene.

On this release, you will hear a variety of unworldly sounds mashed against a mix of loud, distorted rock drums and vintage drum machine beats. Mophono draws from a wide variety of influences including the musique concréte of early 20th century Parisian composers like Pierre Henry, early Jamaican dub recordings, and artists like Portishead, Laurie Anderson, Squarepusher, and DJ Premier.

“Built from a raw and rumbling low-end, opening cut, ‘VL MONO,’ side-steps its way across the near-three-minute run time with a smorgasbord of sci-fi bleeps, coarse sound design, and unrecognisable samples, giving the listener a glimpse into the futuristic sonic universe created by the Bay area producer. From there, the EP continues along the futuristic trajectory, fusing chunky drum-machine beats with otherworldy sounds for an engrossing outing.”

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