Title: The Tighten Up
Artist: Mophono
Catalog number: CB7R001/CB7CD01
Released: March 2007
Media: Vinyl 7″ /CD

Main Information:

Starting off with a Massive B-Boy remix of the classic Tighten Up on the A side. With the House of Pain Dj Lethal approved remix of Harlem Shuffle. To the first ever “skip on beat” Mophono remix of Harlem Shuffle This little record is a must have.
Compiling the three versions by the J.B.s, Al Escobar and of coarse Archie Bell and the Drells. Mophono has offered 500 Dj’s, B-boys, B-girls, and collectors a beautiful new dance floor cut with a classic feel.
Power chords in the Harlem Shuffle set this remix apart and contribute to the spectrum of your 7′inch collection and the Mophono sound of up tempo rockers.

Finally the record player in your car can be used with out fear of speed bumps. The Shuffle remix is the first of its kind. Not just a loop for the Dj’s, A composition remix for you and your portable and a big illegal drum sample for all your skipable dj needs.